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Carlsbad Electrolysis

2745 Jefferson St  Suite #G
Carlsbad , CA 92008

North County ElectrolysisElectrolysis is the ONLY method of hair removal which has been approved by the FDA as a permanent solution to the problem of unwanted hair. There are many biological factors that can influence hair growth at different times of life, and there are no quick fixes.

Sandra Balancio uses a blend of both the Galvanic and Thermolysis methods of hair removal for fastest results and provides private, confidential treatments that are tailored to each individual's needs. Using state of the art equipment, treatments are much more comfortable and gentle. Sandra understands how excess hair growth can affect your life.

Sandra Balancio had been practicing Electrolysis for over 20 years, and her comfortable private office is located in Carlsbad Village.

Client Testimonials

"Making a commitment to electrology is making a pledge to a new beginning.  No one understands this more than Sandra.  I first went to Sandra because of her reputation for skill and technique but quickly learned the secret of her popularity as the best electrolgist in North County.  Sandra is a genuine confidant.  Not only does she help clients feel better about how they look, she helps them feel better about themselves.”



"I've gone to Sandra for years for work on different areas. I wouldn't trust anyone else. She's very experienced and has become a friend. A good electrologist is hard to find."


“I’m 58 years old and during that time and throughout all the cities I have lived in, I have experienced a myriad of electologists Sandra has the finest qualities of any electrologist I have ever known.
P.S.  Sandra also transformed my brows from unruly and problematic to beautiful expression of how I’ve always wanted to see myself.” 



"Sandra’s expertise produces clear results.  She works at a fast pace and her technique is very gentle.  Another benefit is Sandra’s use of gold needles instead of inexpensive disposables.  Not only is she professional and effective, Sandra has a positive uplifting spirit that is a pleasure to be around.  I feel so lucky to have found her!” 



Sandra Balancio
2745 Jefferson St   #G
in Carlsbad Village, CA 92008
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